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2p!America X Reader You Will Be Mine Part 1 :iconhuntresszaradyna:HuntressZaradyna 62 8
It's Creativity, NOT Reality by HuntressZaradyna It's Creativity, NOT Reality :iconhuntresszaradyna:HuntressZaradyna 4 4
      ...And in that moment I found myself missing my soft, goose feather bed, the pile of pillows and warm blankets that adorned it, the soothing glow and crackle of the fireplace. The fresh food that seemed to explode in flavor every time I took a bite. The assortment of colorful blossoms peeking out from their leafy green homes, guarded by towering ancient sentinels. The one blue rose at the edge of the garden, all alone in it's elegance, gracefully dancing upon the mid-summer's breeze, protected by hundreds of tiny thorns as sharp as one of mother's sewing needles.
      As I lay there on my bunk—in my cabin on a boat anchored somewhere in the middle of the ocean—I curled up into a tight ball and cried. Cried for soft beds and warm rooms, for good food and wonderful gardens, for Henry...
      And for that cyan rose, alone and different, surrounded by beings that would never understand it in all its unique glory. Beautiful an
:iconhuntresszaradyna:HuntressZaradyna 2 0
Mature content
Screaming :iconhuntresszaradyna:HuntressZaradyna 1 0
Ello by HuntressZaradyna Ello :iconhuntresszaradyna:HuntressZaradyna 7 2
First Love
    She likes me. That was all I could think about, staring down at my math homework. She wants to date me.
    I put pen to paper but the numbers and variables couldn't register in my brain through the overwhelming happiness. With my free hand I clutched the pendant hanging from my neck - a rose quartz necklace she had given me for my 15th birthday just a week before. My chest tightened and my stomach squirmed every time I thought of her and what she'd said, a high-pitched squeal rising in the back of my throat. Dropping my pen (a black Bic for women pen - why do we need a special pen, anyways?), I fell backwards against my pillows, unfolding my legs and stretching them out over the books and papers. I closed my eyes as I rolled over and buried my face in a soft pillow, the fabric muffling the sound as I released a squeal.
    She liked me. And that was all that mattered.
:iconhuntresszaradyna:HuntressZaradyna 1 0
So this happened by HuntressZaradyna
Mature content
So this happened :iconhuntresszaradyna:HuntressZaradyna 4 0
Selfie Time by HuntressZaradyna Selfie Time :iconhuntresszaradyna:HuntressZaradyna 6 15
Mature content
2p!America X Reader You Will Be Mine LAST PART :iconhuntresszaradyna:HuntressZaradyna 38 15
Mature content
2p!America X Reader You Will Be Mine Part 2 :iconhuntresszaradyna:HuntressZaradyna 51 6
2p!Italy x Kidnapped!Reader x 2p!Germany Shalott
She's locked up with a spinning wheel
She can't recall what it was like to feel
She says, 'This room's gonna be my grave
And there is no one who can save me.'
She sits down to her coloured thread
She knows lovers waking up in their bed
She says, 'How long can I live this way
Is there no one I can pay to let me go
'Cause I'm half sick of shadows
I wanna see the sky
Everyone else can watch as the sun goes down
So why can't I

You attempt to open the door to your little room, praying that 'Lover' - as you were forced to call your captor, Veneziano - forgot to lock it after your nightly “play-time.” Your efforts in vain, you sat down in front of the spinning wheel, the color of its thread barely distinguishable in the shadows of the room. It used to be that you would cry every morning when you began this work, but after a while you seemed to forget how to feel. This room will be my grave, you think. There's nobody that can save me. The wheel spins as you begin your tediou
:iconhuntresszaradyna:HuntressZaradyna 25 5
Slenderman x Reader
            There weren't many chances for me to interact with humans outside of stalking and killing them. Halloween was the only option for centuries - that is, until recently. In the past few years these things called Conventions started poopping up. Many people took it as a chance to dress up in costumes like on Halloween - called Cosplays - except they were usually characters from the media. Meaning more people would be in disguise in one area. More people dressing up like creepypastas. More chances for creepypastas to interact without problems.
            After finding out about these conventions I decided to check it out. I managed to sneak into a nearby convention under the guise of a cosplayer. However, I was surprised at the attention I got. The very positive attention. It seemed like everyone wanted to take my picture - though of course they couldn't. Many even asked for hugs, which I declined (some d
:iconhuntresszaradyna:HuntressZaradyna 45 9
Fem!Romano x Spain by HuntressZaradyna Fem!Romano x Spain :iconhuntresszaradyna:HuntressZaradyna 3 2 2p!Canada and 2p!America by HuntressZaradyna 2p!Canada and 2p!America :iconhuntresszaradyna:HuntressZaradyna 4 0 Survey Corps by HuntressZaradyna Survey Corps :iconhuntresszaradyna:HuntressZaradyna 5 3 Colossal Titan by HuntressZaradyna Colossal Titan :iconhuntresszaradyna:HuntressZaradyna 4 11


I've transferred all my uploads to :iconhuntresszaradyna: and will not be using this account anymore. If you wish to still watch me and haven't checked out my new account please do so now. This will be my last post on this account. I may not de-activate this one but I will only ever be on it for the llama trade game (it's kind of nice being able to play the llama trade game on multiple accounts :D /shot).

Tl;dr OFFICIAL NEW ACCOUNT: :iconhuntresszaradyna:

Danke x3
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